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AfterEffects Settings

AfterEffects settings

There is a couple of settings that could configure publishing process for AfterEffects. All of them are Project based, eg. each project could have different configuration.

Location: Settings > Project > AfterEffects

AfterEffects Project Settings

Publish plugins

Collect Review

Enable/disable creation of auto instance of review.

Validate Scene Settings

Skip Resolution Check for Tasks

Set regex pattern(s) to look for in a Task name to skip resolution check against values from DB.

Skip Timeline Check for Tasks

Set regex pattern(s) to look for in a Task name to skip frameStart, frameEnd check against values from DB.


By default this validator will look loaded items with lower version than latest. This validator is context wide so it must be disabled in Context button.

AfterEffects Submit to Deadline

  • Use Published scene - Set to True (green) when Deadline should take published scene as a source instead of uploaded local one.
  • Priority - priority of job on farm
  • Primary Pool - here is list of pool fetched from server you can select from.
  • Secondary Pool
  • Frames Per Task - number of sequence division between individual tasks (chunks) making one job on farm.

Worfkile Builder

Obsolete way how to present artist with a template when they are working on new task.

Templated Workfile Build Settings

This more advanced way allows creating more elaborate workfile templates with placeholders for loaded items or to create publishable item via Creator.

Workfile template must be prepared separately via Tray and in the host, then its location could be set for combination of:

  • Task types (specific template for animation, different for layout etc.)
  • Task names (regex supported )

Additional options:

  • Keep placeholders - when template gets populated should placeholders be deleted? (In most cases yes.)
  • Create first version - if template should be used and populated for version v001 of a workfile automatically