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Blender integration

Run python script at launch

In case you need to execute a python script when Blender is started (aka -P), for example to programmatically modify a blender file for conformation, you can create an OpenPype hook as follows:

from openpype.hosts.blender.hooks import pre_add_run_python_script_arg
from openpype.lib import PreLaunchHook

class MyHook(PreLaunchHook):
"""Add python script to be executed before Blender launch."""

order = pre_add_run_python_script_arg.AddPythonScriptToLaunchArgs.order - 1
app_groups = [

def execute(self):"python_scripts", []).append(

You can write a bare python script, as you could run into the Text Editor.

Python script with arguments

Adding arguments

In case you need to pass arguments to your script, you can append them to["script_args"]:"script_args", []).append(

Parsing arguments

You can parse arguments in your script using argparse as follows:

import argparse

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description="Parsing arguments for"
help="My argument",
args, unknown = arg_parser.parse_known_args(
sys.argv[sys.argv.index("--") + 1 :]