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Deadline integration

Deadline is not host as usual, it is missing most of the host features, but it does have its own set of publishing plugins.

How to test OpenPype on Deadline


Since 3.14 job submitted from OpenPype is bound to OpenPype version used to submit it. So if you submit job with 3.14.8, Deadline will try to find that particular version and use it for rendering. This is handled by OPENPYPE_VERSION variable on job - you can delete it from there and then the version set in studio Settings will be used.

Deadline Job Version

Deadline needs to bootstrap this version so it will try to look the closest compatible build. So to use version 3.14.8 on Deadline it is enough to have build 3.14.0 or similar - important are the first two version numbers - major and minor. If they match, the version is considered compatible.


So to test various changes you don't need to build again an again OpenPype and putting it to directory where Deadline is looking for versions - this needs to be done only on minor version change. That build will then be used to bootstrap whatever is set on the job or in the studio Settings.

So you can either use zip version if it suits you, or better set your sources directory so it will be find as a version - for example with symlink.

That way you can only modify OPENPYPE_VERSION variable on job to point it to version you would like to test.