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Redshift for Maya

Working with Redshift in OpenPype

Using Redshift Proxies

OpenPype supports working with Redshift Proxy files. You can create Redshift Proxy from almost any hierarchy in Maya and it will be included there. Redshift can export animation proxy file per frame.

Creating Redshift Proxy

To mark data to publish as Redshift Proxy, select them in Maya and - OpenPype → Create ... and then select Redshift Proxy. You can name your subset and hit Create button.

You can enable animation in Attribute Editor:

Maya - Yeti Rig Setup

Publishing Redshift Proxies

Once data are marked as Redshift Proxy instance, they can be published - OpenPype → Publish ...

Using Redshift Proxies

Published proxy files can be loaded with OpenPype Loader. It will create mesh and attach Redshift Proxy parameters to it - Redshift will then represent proxy with bounding box.